Valentine’s Day Wedding Favors!!

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These have got to be the perfect Valentine’s Day wedding favors!!

Valentine's Day Wedding Favors!!
If you and your fiancee are tying the knot this February, chances are you two are quite a romantic pair! What better way to showcase that love than with adorable Valentine’s Day wedding favors? Fall in love with each other all over again with a custom miniature cookie version of yourselves. Cupid would definitely approve this idea!

Creatively in Love

Did you fall in love with your future spouse’s creativity as one of their amazing traits? Or maybe you just really adore who they are,especially the way their eyes crinkle when they smile. You can represent all of this with a custom cookie of you two! Imagine the intimacy and fun that comes with designing the ideal Valentine’s Day wedding favors together!

We love to see the wacky designs that our customers dream up. We want to make all of your wedding design ideas come true, so there is no fear in getting a little crazy with your design! If a customer’s ideal wedding is traditional, we love to create cookies of their pair donned in simple yet super cute wedding attire! If the couple wishes to capture their personalities more by incorporating personal mementos that represent them, we are honored to help create this image!

valentine's day wedding favors
Have a favorite picture of the two of you? Make the moment tangible with a custom cookie!

Separate But As One or Two People Coming Together?

Next, it’s time to decide which is the best option for the wedding! We offer the cookies in two ways:  individually gift wrapped in bags or a sweet bulk order of nothing but the cookies! The cookies make a lasting impact regardless, thus the option really boils down to personal preference!

What about the design? Most customers create two separate cookies, one of the bride and another of the groom to represent coming together as one! We also offer another option that is a little off the menu. Say hello to what we here at PCC term “couples cookies”. Essentially, the cookie consists of the bride and groom depicted on just one cookie symbolizing that they are indeed one! Some customers get extra creative with their design as can be seen above!

So if you’re ready to make an extra romantic gesture, order some of our cookies today!