About Parker's Crazy Cookies..

Parker's Crazy Cookies has been around for nearly 20 years providing creative personalized cookies of people, pets, logos and objects of every kind. Over the years, thousands of people, even across generations have come to us to make their lives' big events extra special and extra fun with our crazy cookies. Our customers keep us going and growing. 

Our mission is to add a little fun to lives, and do it while providing the best customer service. We know our customers come to us with high expectations, and we work hard everyday not to let you down. Our other mission is to spread a little sweetness to those who are suffering with homelessness and poverty. Because of our high-quality standards with each cookie order, we end up with a sizable amount of discarded cookies. We work with various local charities within our town and county to distribute these otherwise perfectly good and delicious discarded cookies to our less fortunate neighbors. The result is more smiles on faces and less waste. 

Thank you to our customers for returning to us and helping us grow our business. We hope to continue to serve our customers across North America to make your special events a little bit crazy, but definitely a lot sweeter and fun!

Parker's Crazy Cookies is based in Hayward, California.

We can be reached at info@parkerscrazycookies.com