Let your staff, partners and customers remember your business with special logo cookies. Use custom logo cookies to make work parties extra fun and festive. Recognize special employees with logo cookie awards. Gift your customers and business partners with your logo as cookies to make a lasting sweet impression!

Cookies for Office Parties:

Sales Wins, Employee Recognition, Retirements, Holiday Parties -- use our cookies to make them memorable!

Company parties are rarely unique, and let’s be honest… sometimes, they aren't even fun! If you’ve been tasked with planning a corporate event or office party, you might be stressing out over your search for ways to make your event truly enjoyable. And one of the most stressful tasks of all could be finding the right party favor to please everyone at the company. Everyone has different tastes, and what one person loves just might be what another hates. So, what’s the perfect party favor to make everyone happy at your office party?

Here at Jewel Box Cookies / Parker’s Crazy Cookies, we've got just the thing for you! Our adorably delicious and unique personalized cookies, made to look just like your corporate logo or someone special at your company, are sure to delight absolutely everyone at your next office event! These sweet treats have a delightful taste, and the super fun, one-of-a-kind designs are sure to impress all your employees and guests! If you turn your bosses or managers into a custom cookie that looks just like them, everyone at the office is sure to remember it forever!

Cookies for Corporate and Institutional Gifts:

Holiday Gifting for Customers and Partners, Employee Onboarding, Employee Anniversaries -- our beautiful gift boxes make unique branded treats!

Make gift giving extra special and fun with our gorgeous gift boxes filled with cookies of your branding. These unique edible branded cookies will be a delicious treat that will be etched in memory. Our gift cookie boxes with custom branded cookies will be welcomed by you partners, customer and vendors, in addition to your employees during the holiday gift giving season. Use for onboarding new employees and make impact and create a warm welcome!

Cookies for Conferences and Tradeshows

Branded Treats for Conference Tables, Edible Giveaways for Trade Show Booths

Display our cookies in gift bags or boxes to attract visitors at your Tradeshow Booth! Leave Conference attendees with unique edible branded treats they will remember. Add our cookies with your logos, icons, icons, event names and taglines to increase impact and fun for your next business event!