Unique Wedding Theme – Cartoon Cookies for Your Funny Wedding Party!

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Unique Wedding Theme

Themed weddings have been a trend the last few years, creating an unforgettable experience to not only the bride and groom but also their guests. However because of the trend, many wedding receptions have become less and less unique. How can we have a unique wedding theme that forever be the talk of the town? How about some cartoon cookies for your funny wedding party? YESSS!

Cartoon Cookies Make Funny Wedding!

Cartoon cookies and custom cookies have been quite popular at every occasion that we could think of. They are edible, fun and they sure make some unique favors! Unlike other bakery, Parker’s Crazy Cookies designs and creates the most unique cartoon cookies that look just like the bride and groom! Not just that, our cartoon cookies do not have icing so they are absolutely low in sugar and high in fun!

As you can see below, this couple surely love having fun and they also love the idea of having a funny wedding! Instead of using their actual photo, they decided to go with a cartoon version of themselves and make that into cartoon cookies! These adorable yet funny cookies surely were the hit of the wedding.

If you have a Bitmoji made already, we can absolutely turn your Bitmoji into cartoon cookies as well! That will undoubtedly make your event one funny wedding!

In addition to making your cartoon version/Bitmoji into cookies, we also love to turn YOU into cartoon cookies. Just submit 2-3 pictures of yourself when submitting the order, we will work on the magic as soon as we receive the order! Our talented team of artists love to design and create these memorable cartoon cookies for your funny wedding!

If you think our pre-made body template is boring, don’t be shy to go crazy with custom body! Your groom likes to fish and you like wine and soccer? Why not incorporate all of that into your cartoon cookies? That will really show your wedding guests how interesting your life is and how much you enjoy your hobbies! Not just that, these crazy cartoon cookies will absolutely turn the boring traditional wedding to funny wedding!

Contact Us!

If you are not sure if the body type you would like to have for your cartoon cookies is achievable, just contact us and we are more than happy to answer all your questions! We promise our cartoon cookies will be the hit of your funny wedding!