The Most Unique Anniversary Gift

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Happy Monday, Parker’s Crazy Cookies Fans! It has been a while since we last posted a blog post due to the large amount of orders we received. Needless to say, we definitely feel the love and support you have given our little bakery! Speaking of love, how do you celebrate your loved ones’ wedding anniversary?  At Parker’s Crazy Cookies, we believe a wedding anniversary is one of the most special celebration for every couple. It is a big milestone that signifies the love that the couple has for one another. Whether the couple is your parents, children or friends, giving them a unique anniversary gift will absolutely melt their hearts!

How to create the most unique anniversary gift

Many of our followers probably remember the Instagram Giveaway Contest that we held 3 months ago. The winner of the contest would receive 150 custom cookies of any couples that they would like. Our lucky winner Susan (@desert_dance) decided to make her handsome son and his beautiful wife into cookies for their 10th anniversary. What an awesome idea!

Initially, Susan had requested to have the wonderful couple holding a sign with the number 10 since it was their 10th year anniversary. Susan also asked to have her son in suit and tie, and her daughter-in-law in a dress. Within a few hours, our talented team of artists finished the artwork. We sent this rough draft to Susan and heard back from her super quickly. Susan thought it would be a better idea to change the number 10 to the date the couple got married instead. We absolutely agreed with that idea!

We made a quick change on the sign as requested by Susan and sent this revision to her right away. Susan loved how the artwork looked and she approved it for baking! Woohooo!! We must say our artists nailed it and the cookie looks just like this wonderful couple!!

Unique Anniversary Gift
Unique Anniversary Gift