The Sweetest 60th Birthday Gift

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There are so many options for birthday gift such as accessories, gift cards, clothes. However, we believe our birthday gift idea is the most unique gift idea ever!! At Parker’s Crazy Cookies, we personalize each and every single cookie to ensure that they look identical to the person that you would like to make into a cookie. As a result, each cookie design is unique and the cookies surely make the sweetest birthday gift!

Dickie’s 60th surprise birthday gift

Wanting to surprise Dickie on his 60th birthday, Jenna thought it would be a fun idea to make him into a cookie. Instead of using our available pre-made body/outfit, she had decided to upgrade her order to a Custom Body instead. That way, she could customize his outfit to match with his job, a construction worker. We loved the idea because it made his cookie much more unique and personalized!The Sweetest 60th Birthday Gift

After processing Jenna’s order and her design request, our Design Department quickly got started on the artwork. We want to ensure that every customer will have enough time to go over the artwork before approving the design. As a result, we generally send out the initial proof within 24 hours after we process the order. Upon receiving the artwork, Jenna only had one small request which was to make the diastema  little darker/wider. The reason for her request is because it is  Dickie’s trademark and one of his prominent features.

The Sweetest 60th Birthday Gift

This is the revision that Jenna approved after our Design Department made the adjustment. Although we do not do teeth since they are so small and do not come out right when the cookies bake, we do make an exception for requests such as Jenna’s. That is because we do believe the adjustment will absolutely make the cookie turn out much more identical to the person.

At Parker’s Crazy Cookies, we love what we do and we love making YOU into custom cookies! Click on “Create Your Own Cookie Now”  and let’s get started!