Create Personalized Graduation Favors With Us!

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Hi Parker’s Crazy Cookies fans! It is already April which means graduation season is coming in only one month! We bet many high school seniors and college students are looking forward to graduation this time. Without a doubt, graduation is a big step towards adulthood with many opportunities ahead for high school seniors. As for our college graduates, NO MORE SCHOOL FOR Y’ALL!! Yayyyy! Regardless of where they are graduating from, these successful graduates deserve the recognition for all their hard work. With that being said, why not surprise your graduates with our personalized graduation favors? Your graduates will definitely love the unique design and delicious taste of our custom cookies!

How to create personalized Graduation favors

The steps to create these uniquely personalized graduation favors are very easy and simple. First, you will need to fill out the Custom Order Form which has many questions regarding the Cookie Type, Packaging Type and Body Type. Many customers prefer to use our pre-made Graduate body template as it has the traditional cap and gown. However, if you would like to customize the outfit, then “Custom Body” is your choice for the Body Type.

Personalized Graduation Favors

For instance, this handsome graduate’s mom wanted to surprise him with some custom cookies that look exactly just like him for his graduation party. However she wanted to personalize the outfit instead of using the pre-made Graduate body. Initially, she requested to have him wearing a T-shirt with the Penn Quakers logo, and a baseball cap that has his initials on it.

Personalized Graduation Favors

Upon receiving the first rough draft, she felt that the hat seemed to take away the likeness since his hair was not visible. As a result, she requested to remove the hat, and to have him holding a British flag. After processing her request, our Design Department made the changes and we sent this new revision to her right away. Fortunately she was very happy with the new revision and she gladly approved it!

Customizing your personalized graduation favors is that easy!

Although the ordering process might seem confusing and difficult, it is actually that easy! Place an order with us today and we promise we will not let you down. Let’s surprise your graduate with these twin cookies that look like themselves and make their graduation party the talk of the town!