Still looking for graduation party favor ideas? We got you!

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Two months left till the graduation season!!! High school seniors are counting days to wear their graduation gowns and celebrate one of the largest milestone of their lives. Some are nervous, some are excited for the next steps. However, it is the moment for them to take a deep breath and enjoy it fully with family and friends.  As their love ones, we as parents, siblings, cousins, etc. are looking for fun, creative, and sometimes, a bit crazy idea for their graduation party favor! Flowers, balloons, pictures… How about making your awesome grads into a cookie?

What is more creative and memorable than a personalized cookie that looks exactly like your grad? We, Parker’s Crazy Cookies, are here to turn your crazy idea into reality! Our customized cookies are not only fun and tasty, but also make your grads feel more special in their graduation party. After all the hard work, they deserve to enjoy everything in this momentous event.

Here are some of our favorite graduation party favors that we have done over the past years. Each one of them is adorably unique and captures more than just their faces!

Graduation Party Favor Idea for Your Beloved Grads!

Your amazing grads have to go through a lot of hardship all those years to become who they are now. And just like you, their best friends have always been there for them . So why not put these two beautiful besties on the cookies so they can celebrate this achievement together?

Graduation Party Sisters
Graduation Party Friends

A very original design with customized graduation cap and his diploma! We want to go all out for our grad’s special day. So having your grad’s name on their cap and add special things to their outfit to it is even more special!

Graduation Party Ideas
Graduation Party Favor

You should not stop at having your grad’s face on the cookies. If they are athletes or they just simply love a sport, then let’s just make the cookies as them playing their sport. That’s why the cookies capture not just your grad’s face but also anything special about them!

Basketball Graduation Party Theme
Graduation Party Ideas

So, what do you think? Ready to add these crazy, cute and fun cookies to your graduation party checklist? We are right here to help make your amazing grads into a cookie NOW!