40th Birthday Favors to Celebrate Someone Sweet & Unique!

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If you’re planning a birthday bash for someone who’s totally unique, then you’ll want their party favors to be one-of-a-kind as well! When it comes to 40th birthday favors, the market is saturated with personalized treats and trinkets. But how many of these birthday favors are truly unique? Which party favor will really capture the essence of that sweet and unique person you’re celebrating?

Here at Parker’s Crazy Cookies, we have the perfect 40th birthday favors for your needs! Our crazily cute personalized cookies are made to look just like the person you’re celebrating! There is simply no sweeter or more unique treat to add to the menu at your next event!

These deliciously creative personalized cookies are sure to impress all of your guests, as well as your birthday guy or gal! With a sweetly classic vanilla animal cracker taste, everyone is sure to enjoy this adorable snack! And your birthday superstar is sure to be surprised when they see themselves, in cookie form, at their birthday bash!

Check out a few of our favorite 40th birthday favors designs from the past! These super sweet, super cute designs will definitely inspire you to create a custom cookie of your own!

40th Birthday Favors – Sweetly Unique Personalized Caricature Cookies!

Celebrating that special guy in your life? Surprise him on his 40th with this sweet party favor that looks just like him! Our crazy cookies are so cute that your guests won’t be able to stop smiling! Your birthday boy is sure to grin at his own image on his birthday cookies, too!

40th Birthday Party
40th Birthday Party

Absolutely anyone can be made into an adorable personalized cookie! With just a photo and a radiant smile, we can turn your special someone into an equally radiant cookie! Take a look at these gorgeous birthday cookies, perfect for celebrating that special birthday gal!

40th Birthday Party for Girls
40th Birthday Party

You can even turn yourself into a cookie for your own birthday! After all, greeting your guests with a cookie version of yourself is the sweetest welcome!

40th Birthday Party for Guys
40th Birthday Party

Ready to create an awesomely unique personalized cookie for your next birthday bash? We’re here to help you get started today!