Potluck Ideas For The Office – Sweet Treats For A Company Meal!

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The holiday season is upon us, and that means many of you have an office potluck coming up! If you’re on dessert duty and stumped for potluck ideas, we have the special treat that is sure to blow everyone away! There’s no risk of accidentally bringing the same dish as a coworker with these one-of-a-kind custom cookies!

At Parker’s Crazy Cookies, the fall season is one of our favorite times of year. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays all coming up, we love working with you to create the awesome, personalized party sweets that will astound all your colleagues… and even your boss!

When you team up with us to create a 100% custom cookie for your event, the possibilities are endless! Turn yourself into a crazy cookie and invite everyone to take a bite! Or you can even cookie-ify your favorite manager for everyone to snack on! Better yet, make your company logo—easily recognizable by all—into a delicious treat for the whole office to enjoy!

Here are a few of our favorite office party cookies. Your search for potluck ideas ends here!

Potluck Ideas For Office Parties – Cookies That Shine At Any Company Event!

There’s no better way to celebrate another great work year than with a toast. But an office potluck, especially a lunch potluck, might not be the best event for a bottle of wine! So this clever gal decided to have her cookie self spread the holiday spirit throughout the office! Because what’s better than a bottle of wine, or even a crate? A whole platter of cookie drinks, of course!

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For a company event, you may want to feature the company front and center! So even if you’re turning yourself or a fabulous coworker into a crazy cookie, you can add a touch of company spirit to the design! These fully customizable cookies are great potluck ideas for this exact reason. There’s no limit to your design, except your imagination!

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Can’t pick one stand-out coworker to turn into a cookie? Impress the whole company with a custom cookie of your brand’s logo instead! Paired with a cookie that perfectly captures the holiday spirit, these delicious treats are sure to go over well at your upcoming office potluck!

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This year, there’s no need to dread the search for fantastic potluck ideas! Sign up for dessert duty as soon as you can, and make a personalized cookie for your next company event today!