Military Wedding Favors!

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Make Your Big Day Special With Military Wedding Favors!

Weddings are definitely one of our specialties here at Parker’s Crazy Cookies! We get to see a huge variety of themed weddings and all of the crazy designs our customers come up with! Military weddings are often super special and  extravagant occasions that absolutely require the perfect military wedding favors! We can help you do that custom cookies of you and your military spouse!

military wedding favors
We love to deck our military customers out in their full uniform attire complete with medals!

Getting the uniform just right is something that we love to do when it comes to your military wedding favors.  Whether it is including insignia , a certain number of medals and awards, and pins , we are happy to adjust the design accordingly to your desires! We want all of our customers to be ecstatic when they see their finished cookies!

How Does it Work?

The design process is always the fun part! You start by selecting a body type from our 60 plus pre-made templates for men & women. You can also upgrade to a custom body for an additional $10 if you want to be wearing your military uniform!

Once you place your order , you will receive an email with instructions on how to get your photos to us. We usually ask our customer to base the type of photos they send on a driver’s license! It is a perfect photo when the person is looking directly at the camera, both sides of their face are visible, and the picture itself is high resolution!

military wedding favors
These photos were perfect for us to work with and helped tremendously in capturing the likeness of the happy couple!!

We go back and forth with our customers, making any changes they see fit until they are enamored with their final drafts! You and your military spouse can then relax! We take the rest from there and complete the infrastructure. We then ship the cookies out on the day you requested on your order form and that’s it!  The perfect military wedding favors will show up on your doorstep ready for you and your guests to enjoy them on the special day!
military wedding favors

If you are ready to get creative with your military wedding favors, then order some today here!


If you need more time before you jump, go ahead and request a sample here!