Graduation Celebration Ideas

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Graduation time is almost upon us and that’s when planning celebrations become hectic. When trying to think of graduation celebration ideas, what do you normally think of? Everyone is trying to be unique in their own graduation celebration ideas that it can be difficult to settle on a theme. However, we have a solution to you in the form of cookies made to look like your special graduates!

Unique Graduation Celebration Theme Ideas

Graduation Celebrations

Graduation is a big and memorable event that everyone wants to make special for the graduates. Sometimes you’ll have more than one graduate you want to celebrate. In Patty’s case, she had two special graduates she wanted to celebrate and ordered two separate cookies in their images! For an extra splash of personality, the names of the graduates are on their caps!

The process for getting these two cookies approved for a graduation celebration was a long process. They went through so many different revisions due to the cookies looking a little too similar to each other. We continued making the necessary revisions until Patty was satisfied with her designs.

Graduation Celebration

While some want two cookies for two separate graduates, there are those who want two cookies for one graduate! Two cookies of one person is a great way to show off two different sides of them. Some want their names on their caps. However, there are customers who want the school names on the caps to make it more memorable.

Graduation Celebration

Some cookies that people order for their graduation celebration want something completely different and unique. Instead of the typical body template, you can customize it to look the way you want! By customizing the cookie body to look more like the pose in the photo, it makes a completely unique party favor! The possibilities are endless with our crazy cookies!