Unique Party favors for your Graduation Themes

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When graduation season rolls around parents are trying to come up with unique a graduation theme for their party. Some graduates are going off to the military, some to graduation school, some to college and some are going to start their career. Celebrate this giant milestone with a fun and tasty treat that is sure to put a smile on any graduate’s face!

Fun Graduation Themes Fit for Celebration!

Our cookies are one-of-a-kind favors that are sure to be a big hit and have the taste to back them up! They are sure to make any graduation celebrations a special one!

Graduation Themes
Have your name printed on the cap!

Show off your graduate’s great accomplishment by having cookies made to look just like them! But it doesn’t stop there. Add a personal flare to the cookies by having their names shown on the cap.

Graduation Themes

Ngan’s brother was graduating from UC Davis and wanted an awesome cookie to celebrate. However, the first picture that was sent to us wasn’t exactly what she was looking for. So we had her send another picture and it still wasn’t right. After the third picture we were finally able to nail down what she wanted. The diploma in the cookie was also a very important feature.

Graduation Themes
Add a personal flare!

Katherine’s son was on the lacrosse team in high school so of course she had to add it onto the graduation themed cookie!  Adding a personal flare to a cookie makes it even more special. That way, they’ll know right away that the cookie is made just for them!

Graduation Themes

While we do specialize in people cookies, we also do logos for different establishments. Such as DeVry University. When you don’t have anyone specific in mind for a cookie, we can do a logo cookie! These cookies make great party favors for any kind of graduation themed event!