Birthday Party Favors – Creative Ideas

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Have you ever wondered over what good birthday party favors would look like? Look no further! Parker’s Crazy Cookies offers creative ideas to make awesome party favors that are sure to surprise anyone! We can make cookies that look like anyone and they’re sure to be a blast at any party! Your party guests will be shocked when they see the caricatured, little cookies.

Fun Birthday Party Favors for Everyone!

birthday party favors
A Big Hit at Any Party!

Why settle for typical, boring birthday party favors? Our crazy cookies bring a flare of personality to any occasion! We can customize the cookies to look like anyone and anything! There is a large array of standard body types. However, there’s always the option to have a completely custom body. You can add any additional features that will make the cookie even more personal!

For instance, Janneh wanted something really special for her special guy. Instead of one cookie, she ordered two! One cookie is the typical, holding a sign design and the other is a custom body. We customized the second cookie to look like the photo to make it a completely personal cookie. You won’t see another cookie with this amount of personality like this!

birthday party favors
Whoohoo! Looking cool!

Like with Janneh, a lot of customers like to order, not just one but several different cookies of the same person! Rachel wanted three different variations of her dad as cookies. With three different designs, there was a long process of getting the right designs.

However, the first several designs weren’t quite what the customer wanted. We had to try several times before we switched artists and brought a fresh new perspective. With the new designs, we were finally able to reach the customer’s expectations. Each one had to be close to what the person looked like in each photo with their own personal flares. They were a huge hit at the party!

birthday party favors