Bride and Groom Cookies to Celebrate Your Big Day!

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There’s a lot that goes into a big wedding. If you’re planning that special day for yourself or someone important to you, then you know exactly what we mean! With the venue, guest list, color scheme, and much more to worry about, you probably want a simple solution to some things on your to-do list! So, check out these bride and groom cookies that solve your party favor planning woes!

Here at Parker’s Crazy Cookies, we’ve got you covered when it comes to awesome wedding favors! Personalized wedding favors are all the rage these days. And edible wedding favors are popular, too! So what’s better than an edible personalized wedding favor? Our adorable personalized bride and groom cookies simply can’t be beat!

Celebrate that big day with a pair of super cute, super sweet, and super unique bride and groom cookies made to look just like the wedding couple! These sweet treats are a one of a kind way to celebrate that once in a lifetime day!

Take a look at some of our favorite couple cookie designs of all time! They’re sure to inspire you to create a pair of adorable cookies of your own!

Bride and Groom Cookies Personalized for Your Big Day

Check out these adorable personalized cookies, made to look just like their real life models! Our cookies can even be dressed up to look just like you on your big day! The sky is the limit with these custom cookies, so let your imagination fly!

bride and groom cookies

Want to include your canine companion in the ceremony? We can include them on your crazily cute personalized cookie, too! Celebrate the union of your new family with your puppy pal on your adorable wedding cookie!

bride and groom cookies

Nothing is sweeter than the classics. So you might want your cookies to send a simple, classic message to your guests! With our crazy cookies, we can do just that!

bride and groom cookies

Ready to create a pair of adorable wedding day cookies for your big event? We’re ready to help you start the process today!