Unique Party Favors Perfect for All Birthday Themes!

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Need to Find the Perfect Favors For Your Birthday Themes Ideas? We Can Help You!!

We have said it before and we will say it again, we LOVE being part of celebrations! It is always an honor for us to be part of our customers’ celebration whether it be a birthday party, wedding or retirement party. Each event is special and memorable for not just our customers but also for our Parker’s Crazy Cookies Team. We create every cookie with care to ensure that they are the most perfect cookies our customers have ever received. Low in sugar and high in fun, we promise our custom cookie favors will be  a hit, especially when it comes to all birthday themes ideas you might have.

Let’s create some Birthday favors!

Laura wanted to surprise her dear friend with some crazy and goofy cookies of himself for his 34th birthday. What a great idea! Not only are the cookies so unique and special, they complement all birthday themes perfectly and sure are tasty! Win Win!  Laura decided to go with the Runner body and include the birthday boy’s age on his shirt. By using the picture Lauren sent, we believe this cookie won “The Most Hilarious Cookie” award! Birthday themes

After receiving the initial rough draft, Laura requested to include more details such as teeth and nostrils to make the artwork even goofier! Generally we do not include teeth, nostrils or eyeballs at all as they can make the cookies very realist and creepy when people eat them. However, Laura insisted as she knew the cookies will be a hit regardless. As a result, we went ahead with the adjustment and came up with different designs.

Birthday themes

These two artworks almost look identical, right? Let’s closely take a good look at the noses and you will see the difference! Small details such as nostrils really make a difference on the cookies and make them look less friendly to munch on. After reviewing the two edits, Laura chose the left edit as she believe it is the best one! We agreed with Laura! Sometimes, a lot of little details do not make the cookies look better at all. In fact, they make the cookies look very crowded and throw away the fun! You want your birthday party favors to add to the fun of birthday themes, not detract from it!

Thank you so much, Laura, for letting us be part of your friend’s birthday celebration! We hope you and all the guests enjoyed the cookies as much as we enjoyed making them! 🙂

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