Edible Wedding Favors Make the Perfect Wedding Desserts!

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Wedding Desserts and Wedding Favors : A Two-in-One Deal!!

Unique and personalized wedding favors have been the trend that every soon-to-be-married couple is aiming for. Not only are wedding favors the perfect ending to your memorable night, they are also an appreciation gift that your guests deserve. Monogrammed candles, pens, or personalized wine glasses are the most popular items when it comes to wedding favors. As a result, they become less unique and special, although they sure are useful! At Parker’s Crazy Cookies, we are proud of how unique and one of a kind our edible wedding favors are. Not only do they look just like the bride and groom but also the cookies taste super yummy!  Thus, they can double as part of your wedding desserts as well! Without a doubt, these custom cookies will be the best thing that your guests have ever seen at a wedding!

The best edible wedding favors

If you do a quick search on Instagram or Facebook, there are many different wedding desserts such as cake pops, sugar cookies with icing, or monogrammed m&m’s. Although those favors are very cute, they do contain lots of sugar due to the icing/cream. Our cookies have no icing but that does not make them boring. With a talented team of artists, we are able to deliver the most creative and detailed custom cookies that look identical to the bride and groom. Low in sugar and high in fun, our custom cookies are undoubtedly the best edible wedding favors & wedding desserts there are! (Click here to view Nutrition Fact Information)

To create your custom cookies, we only need a picture of you and your partner, then the magic will happen! Generally, our customers like to choose the outfits from our pre-made body templates. However we do encourage them to customize the body if they would like to personalize the cookies even more. For instance, the cookies we created  below actually have custom bodies. Our customer Louise would like to show the bride and groom’s personality through their outfits so she decided to personalize the cookies.

wedding desserts wedding desserts

Louise really liked the initial proofs, but she felt as if something was missing. Thus she requested to have the bride holding a glass of wine and the groom holding a beer mug. With that adjustment, Louise believed everyone will be able to see “the  ‘down to earth’ lumberjack-ish image for [her] nephew and the party-ish girl that [her] niece is”.

wedding desserts wedding desserts

The addition of wine glass and beer mug was a great idea. We believed those two details really brought out the perception that Louise was aiming at. After reviewing the drafts, she happily approved them both! Needless to say, this couple’s wedding desserts were one of the cutest cookies we have created thus far. Not only were they very unique, they were also good looking just like the bride and groom!

Let’s create your edible wedding favors today!

We promise your wedding guests will have a great time with these custom cookies of you and your lifetime partner! If you are not exactly sure how to place an order, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (510) 516-5714 and a knowledgeable representative will be more than happy to assist you!