Baby Gio’s First Birthday Favors

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Recently, baby Gio’s mom sent us a picture of him enjoying his first birthday favors and it was the cutest picture ever! Our Team really loved seeing the joy on Gio’s face as he was munching his twin cookie. As a result, we have decided to share the process of creating Gio’s custom cookie. Also, we would love to congratulate Gio for winning our Cookie of the Day on Tuesday, April 4, 2017!!!

Baby Gio's First Birthday Favors

How to create your baby’s first birthday custom cookies

Sometimes, it may take more than one rough draft for our customers to be happy with their cookie. With that in mind, our Art Department is more than happy to offer 1 initial proof and up to 3 revisions at no additional charge. That way, our customers can have more selections to choose from. Customers can also request to use another picture if they are not so happy with the initial picture!

Baby Gio's First Birthday Favors

This is baby Gio’s initial artwork using the Baby Boy body. His dad also requested to include Gio’s initial on the shirt. However, there was something missing that made the artwork does not completely look like Gio. As a result, Gio’s dad had asked to make a few adjustment to his smile and change his initial to Gio instead.

Baby Gio's First Birthday Favors

After receiving Gio’s dad’s requests, our Art Department created a revision based on his preference. We also put the previous rough draft side by side so that Gio’s parents can tell the difference.

Baby Gio's First Birthday Favors

Although the new revision was great, Gio’s parents had decided to go with the original rough draft, but with Gio’s name on the shirt instead of his initial. Our team absolutely believes that this rough draft looks exactly like Gio! Wooohooo!

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