Fun Retirement Favors – Retirement Party Favors

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Are you or your loved ones having a retirement party coming up and not sure what to do? Well, you are in luck! At Parker’s Crazy Cookies, we have a large selection of unique retirement favors that you could choose from! Although we only specialize in custom cookies, all of our cookies are personalized to look just like the retiree!  Whether he or she is a seamstress, a police officer, a fireman or a teacher, we promise we will make them into the coolest custom cookies ever!

Creative and Unique Retirement Favors

Undoubtedly, our creative team of artists and knowledgeable staff have done thousands of custom retirement favors. However we never get bored of creating them because they are usually different from one another! Customers can either choose the design/outfit from our available pre-made body templates; or they can also upgrade their order to Custom Body and create their own body!

Retirement Favors

For instance, this State Patrol’s wife wanted to surprise the guests at his retirement party. However, State Patrol outfit is not a pre-made body template. As a result, she has requested us to upgrade her order to Custom Body in order to entirely capture his outfit. After the cookies finished baking, we must say they both look EXACTLY identical!!

Retirement Favors1

If your retiree is a yoga instructor, then our pre-made yoga body is perfect for them. With such an original yoga pose, everyone will easily be able to tell that the retiree’s cookie is doing yoga. Additionally our talented artists will make sure that the cookies will look just like your retiree! Thus, do not worry if the cookies will end up not looking like your person!

Retirement Favors2

We LOVE this carpenter’s cookie!! Not only is it so adorable and good looking, it is also super tasty! After receiving his cookies, the party host emailed us back letting us know how much of a hit the cookies were! Woohooo!