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Hold onto someone with our wedding desserts!

Your big day is coming up and you want to do something utterly and completely different for your wedding desserts.. If you’ve made it as far as Pinterest or even our website… you know that you’re on the right path. We specialize in wedding desserts and wedding favors!

Might we suggest a custom cookie? That will be very special! Design two custom cookies, one of the bride and one of the groom? Now we’re getting somewhere. But what about couples cookies? Spot on!!!

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How to order Couples Cookies for Your Wedding Desserts!

The couples cookie is becoming more and more popular even though we thought it was a little off the menu. Our order form doesn’t show this option yet… so how do you order?

There are 2 people on one cookie so this is a little bigger than our average person cookie; we need you to select our “Logo/Pet/Object” cookie type to fit both. Since each design typically has a minimum of 150 cookies, putting that you want 2 people on 1 cookie will tell you that your minimum is 300. However, our couples cookies only have a minimum order of 150. Therefore, this is the perfect wedding desserts option for weddings big and small!

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Laura was about to go the extra mile on her couples cookies by adding in their fur baby but decided to stick with a heart instead. Sometimes, just the two of you is more special!

The Secret to Ordering!

To get around the programming, if you only want the minimum order, we ask to select just “1 Unique Design”. This will allow you to check out without spending more than you initially wanted and we will contact you to collect the second setup fee. But if you want 300 or more cookies for your order, go ahead and select the “2 Unique Designs” option.

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Krystal wanted custom couples cookies for her special day and was perfect with all of her notes and edits! This couple was a total joy to design!

We can’t wait to work on your wedding desserts with you!

Request a sample, today!

So when you’re ready, we would love to design your couples cookies! You can find our Custom Order Form here!