Sports Birthdays Are the Perfect Theme for Custom Cookies!

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Sports Birthdays are Popular Celebration Themes for Athletes!

Are you opting for a sports birthdays  theme for a team or individual athlete? If your guy or gal is an avid sports fan or athlete, this is one of the fun and easiest birthday themes for boys and also girls! Let Parker’s Crazy Cookies bake you a specialty cookie that is sure to impress even the coach!

sports birthdays
These cookies are the perfect figure eight for your athlete!

What sets them apart?

Many sports have a set and stereotypical look to the uniforms or outfits where as other sports are always on the cutting edge! Athletic cookies are the same way! Some sports never change and so they’ve made their way onto our “pre-made template” list (with their own options) where as others need more individual attention and customization. That’s why our cookies are the perfect addition to all sports birthdays!

To select outfits that are not on our thumbnail list, all you need to do is select “Custom Body” when filling out our order form. If you want your custom body to go with the theme of the party, then this option is for you! We can accommodate a wide variety of designs that fit birthday themes for boys and birthday themes for girls.

sports birthdays
Have your athlete’s cookie mimic their ‘game face!’

From there, we just need you to describe what the uniform is or attach some images of your uniform when submitting your face photo(s)! Our order form only has room for 3 photos but we can accept as many that are needed. For overflow images, you just need to email them in a response to your order confirmation. For sports birthdays. a couple of photos in their uniform or favorite jersey coupled with a clear shot of their face works perfectly!

Solo achievements deserve celebrating, too!

As recent additions to our templates, we now include a female tennis player’s body and a male body builder! These are not intended as gender binary but have come up in popularity so we’ve included them as starting points! We can definitely bake anyone as anything for sports birthdays!

Party Ideas for Athletes

We can’t wait to design your Sports Birthdays Cookies with you!

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