Unique Weddings Need Unique Wedding Favors!!

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Considering Wedding Favors and Gifts for Your Unique Weddings?!

Unique Weddings Cookies
Custom cookies as wedding favors and gifts? Perfect for unique weddings!

Planning a wedding is difficult all by itself! It can be even harder when there is a budget to meet! But having a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t dream of unique weddings and want to make yours just as unique! If you are looking for affordable, adorable, and unique wedding favors and gifts, read on!!

Unique Weddings Cookies
Make your cookie designs as unique as your wedding!

Ordering our custom cookies doesn’t take extra time away from all of your other wedding planning! The process is fairly simple and very stress-free. That is something you don’t hear often when considering wedding favors and gifts. Not to mention, you will be receiving a huge bang for your buck which is also somewhat unheard of as far as unique weddings! We want to make everything absolutely transparent to show you how easy it is to create a custom wedding favor you and your guests will remember for years to come!

The first step is to fill out a custom order form here  ! Our order form walks you through all of the necessary steps. Bags or bulk? Both are super fun options! How many cookies? Order enough so your guests can take extra home beginning at 150 cookies minimum per design!

Do you prefer to see examples of our finished product before you commit to cookies as wedding favors and gifts? You can see thousands of examples of custom cookies we’ve created for so many unique weddings on our FaceBook, Instagram, and website!

Other than that, add to cart, check out, and now comes the fun part!!

Designing Cookies Fit For Unique Weddings!!

So you’ve placed your order, what is next?

Send us a photo of you and your honey and we will get to work creating a miniature version of the two of you! You can bet we won’t give up until you are blown away with your final draft! Also,  you can even add that extra special touch and include your fur baby on your cookie! **

Sound doable? Then, be prepared to experience the magic of Parker’s Crazy Cookies by ordering today.

**For assistance ordering a multitude of options, please contact us