Retirement Party Gift Ideas

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Many working individuals look forward to their retirement the most because it is the beginning of a new chapter. They can finally relax and enjoy their life after working for a long period, for an unlimited vacation time. Why not give your retiree a basket of custom cookies that look just like them in their work uniform? We promise they will be the most unique and unforgettable retirement party gift of all time!

The Most Popular Retirement Party Gift Ideas

If you are unsure of what body/outfit to get for your retiree, that is perfectly fine! Just contact us and a knowledgable representative will work with you to create the most unique cookie. Generally we would suggest to go with either their work uniform, or to incorporate their favorite hobby into the cookie. Not only will your retiree appreciate this thoughtful gift, they will be super happy that you know what they like!

Retirement Party Gift

This handsome policeman’s family wanted to make him into little cookies to surprise him at his party. Although we do offer a generic policeman body, however the hat did not match with his. As a result, they wanted to  customize his hat so both his picture and the cookie would look the same! Upgrading their order to Custom Body was definitely worth it because now the cookie looks exactly just like the retiree!

Retirement Party Gift

If your retiree is a seamstress or she loves to sew, you are in luck! We do offer Seamstress as a pre-made body template and it is so adorable. Not only does the cookie look just like this beautiful retiree, it also tastes super delicious! Win win!

Retirement Party Gift

Here comes our favorite retirement cookie!! This pilot’s cookies were such a huge hit at his retirement party and everyone loved them! The addition of the helmet and sunglasses totally fit in and everyone could tell it was him right away. Woohoo!