Personalized Birthday Party Favors

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Are you stressing out while finding the perfect birthday gift for your loved ones? Are you still looking for the best birthday party favors that will leave your guests talking about it nonstop? If you answer yes to both questions (or just one), we promise our crazy custom cookies are exactly what you are looking for! As a matter of fact, they are not just any regular cookies; they are cookies that look exactly like the birthday girl/boy!

The Most Unique Birthday Party Favors!

We have done hundreds of birthday orders and we love all types of birthday party, whether it be first birthday, 40th birthday or even themed birthday. Every birthday celebration is special and being a part of each of them is always an honor for us. Therefore we can never say no to a birthday order even if it needs to be shipped out within 3 days!

Birthday Party Favors

Most of the time, the amount of pre-made body templates that we offer could overwhelm our customers. As a result, we usually suggest them to go with something that their birthday boy/girl enjoys doing the most. For instance, this adorable birthday boy is surely an active kid full of energy. Thus we believe the Runner body is the best selection that absolutely fits his personality!

Birthday Party Favors

As for adult cookies, the most popular body is Holding a Sign with their age on it. To those who prefer not to share their age, you may replace it with your name initials. Not only is it a clever fix, but it also makes the cookies extra personalized. Similar to the energetic boy’s cookie, Pat’s cookie also includes his favorite hobby which is fishing. These custom cookies are seriously the most unique and coolest birthday party favors ever!

Custom Body Cookies

In addition to our available pre-made body templates, we do offer Custom Body as another option. When a customer selects Custom Body, they can customize the body/outfit however they would like. Additionally, they could also request adjustment or addition to the pre-made body/outfit to their liking!

Birthday Party Favors

Patrick’s birthday party is a Star Wars themed party and the inclusion of a Star Wars character is a must. Although we do not offer the Holding a Sign body with graphic t-shirt, however Patrick’s wife Gina did take advantage of the Custom Body option. Upgrading her order to Custom Body is a smart choice because now Patrick’s cookie surely matches his style! Undoubtedly the Force is strong with this one!

Birthday Party Favors

Nothing is better than seeing our customers enjoying their birthday party favors! Happy belated birthday, Patrick and “May the Force be with you”!