Unique Pet Owner Gift Ideas

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WARNING: This page contains extreme cuteness and could lead to lots of “Awwwww”‘s or “I want it!!!”‘s. If that is your case, please contact one of our knowledgeable  representatives to help resolve the issue!

If you know someone who loves their pets to the moon and back, we promise these custom cookies of their pets will be their favorite! Not only do these unique pet owner gift ideas look just like their pets, both of them can actually enjoy the cookies as well. Our Team at Parker’s Crazy Cookies is pet lovers and we would love to make your furry sidekicks into custom cookies!

Pet Owner Gift Ideas

Horses are one of our favorite animals because they are super loyal to their humans. When we design a horse cookie, we always include its entire body. However, due to the dimension requirement, we sometimes would have to make the body smaller; that way all of the focus will shift to its face.

Pet Owner Gift Ideas

Most of the time, we will manage to create the body of the horse to look just like its original photograph. By doing so, the entire cookie of the horse will be more realistic and look more like the actual horse! However, as you can see from this photo, its legs are quite thin and could break off easily. Thus our Design Department must include some webbing to ensure no breakage during shipment. Regardless of the addition of the webbing, the horse still turned out great!

Pet Owner Gift Ideas

When it comes to pets, we cannot forget about cats and dogs!! Not only are these domestic pets super fun to be around with, they are extremely adorable! As for dogs and cats, we use our generic body so that it can fit within our dimension requirement. However, despite not using their original body, our Design Department will always make sure that your pets’ cookies will absolutely look like them!

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Meet Lola, our fabulous furry friend! Lola won our Cookie Of The Day award back in January and she definitely made it super easy for our team to pick her as our COTD with those puppy eyes!! We are so happy to know that Lola enjoyed her special treats on her special day!

Pet Owner Gift Ideas

If you love animal crackers, these custom cookies are PAWS-ITIVELY for you!! (See what we did there?!). Surprise a pet owner with this unique and adorable pet owner gift and we promise they will never forget it! Neither will their pets!