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Did you know that at Parker’s Crazy Cookies, we do accommodate orders all around the world? We have shipped our cookies to Canada, Great Britain, Spain and this special order was going to Hong Kong! Jessie and her handsome groom had their wedding in Hong Kong, and as a result, having her wedding favors shipped there was one of her many worries. Due to the humidity in Hong Kong, she was worried that the cookies could go stale very quickly. However with our high quality ingredients, the cookies do have a great shelf life for maximum fresh taste. As long as they are kept in a sealed plastic bag or container, they will be perfect!

The Process of Creating Jessie’s Wedding Favors

After a few days of communication to make sure we both are on the same page, Jessie decided to place her order with us. She initially submitted a few different photos of both of them to use for the cookies. However Jessie specified a picture that she would like to use for her hair because that was her wedding hair.

Personalized Wedding FavorsPersonalized Wedding Favors

Once we received her photos and got all the information we needed, our Design Department got started on her artworks right away. We sent out Jessie’s artworks in less than 24 hours. In addition, we also let Jessie know that our team was more than happy to make any adjustment she would like! We strive to make sure that our customers are happy with their products. There is no point in getting cookies that look nothing like you!

After receiving her initial rough drafts, Jessie had made a few requests to increase the likeness. For the groom, she requested to add a straight line for the nose; make him look a little younger – perhaps shorten or remove some of the smile lines; and make his face slightly thinner. As for herself, she only had a simple request which is to add her nose bridge! That was easy!!

Personalized Wedding FavorsPersonalized Wedding Favors

Our talented team of artists followed Jessie’s request and finished the revision very quickly. We sent these two artworks to Jessie, to which she replied, “Thanks for the latest draft, we are happy with the latest drafts”. Wooohoooo! We just love it when our customers let us know that they are happy with their artworks because that is exactly what we want!

Let Us Create Your Personalized Wedding Favors!

We would love to create your personalized wedding favors or any type of event favors! Place an order with us today and we promise you will not regret it!!