Office Christmas Party Coming Up? Sweeten The Day With These Personalized Cookies!

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If you’re in charge of planning your office Christmas party this year, you might already be scratching your head for fresh new ideas! Your colleagues deserve an epic bash after another epic work year, so you want to be sure to impress them with the spread at this year’s company party!

When the standard store-bought sweets don’t cut it, you can really astound the entire office with one-of-a-kind cookies that truly capture the office spirit! Our personalized cookies are 100% custom, which means you can imbue the design with your special company flair!

Every company is unique, and everyone at your office has their own style as well! So it’s only right to make the sweets table at your office Christmas party totally unique, too!

Check out these awesome company party cookies we’ve had the honor of making!

Sweet Treats For An Unforgettable Office Christmas Party

Does your company’s anniversary happen to coincide with the holiday season? Turn your office Christmas party into a joint event with a pair of cookies that perfectly commemorate the special days! We had such a blast making these cookies to celebrate the holidays and a super special 15th anniversary!

office christmas party

Raise a glass to your whole team this year with a platter of these deliciously original cookies! Your office Christmas party spread is sure to be memorable with these sweets on the table. Turn yourself or your favorite manager into a cookie that greets everyone with a smile. And to really make an impression, be sure to include a heaping platter of company logo cookies as well!

office christmas party

If you or your coworkers are a little shy about biting each other’s heads off, skip the cookie-ified people and snack on your company logo instead! This incredible holiday cookie paired an everyday logo with a splash of holiday spirit. They’re bound to be the stand-out hit at any office Christmas party!

office christmas party

You won’t want to leave all the party planning to the last minute, so get started on your office Christmas party surprises today! Turn someone from your office into a personalized cookie today!