National Student-Athlete Day Custom Cookies

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Fun fact:

Did you know that April 6th is National Student-Athlete Day? This day was created by National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS). Its goal is to honor high school and college student-athletes who have excelled in not only academics but also athletics. Additionally, NCAS hopes to encourage families and communities to support their student-athletes in their endeavors. Why not surprise your student-athletes with a basket of custom cookies that look like them in their sport uniform? Not only will the cookies surprise your students, they will also show how much you support them in their endeavors!

Creative Custom Cookies for your Student-athletes

It is never easy struggling and maintaining balance between both school and sport as they equally seek lots of effort. Thus we believe every student-athletes deserve the recognition for all their achievement in both fields. As a result, we carefully design and bake every single batch of their custom cookies to make sure that the cookies perfectly look like them.

Custom Cookies

This young gentleman is an amazing Triple Jumper and Long Jumper, and his Mother wanted to celebrate his achievement. Upon receiving the artwork, his Mother approved it right away because she loved it so much! Not only does the cookie look just like him, it also wears his gold medal and has his number on it! Isn’t it so cute? 

Custom Cookies

Although gymnast is not one of our pre-made body template, we can still customize it for you. Here we have a beautiful gymnast “flashing the U” which represents University of Utah. The customer requested to capture her big and exciting smile as well as messy hair to look as if she was performing. Our team definitely agreed with the idea and believed the custom cookie really conveys her whole facial expression! You go, girl!

Custom Cookies

Soccer player is actually one of our available pre-made body templates and so many customers love this body. Not only can the person be holding a soccer ball, they can also have their name initial or jersey number on the jersey as well. If your student-athlete is a soccer player, we promise they will absolutely love their custom cookies so much that they will not eat them!

In addition to ordering these cookies for National Student-Athlete Day, you can also get them for graduation as well. Combining a sport body with a graduation cap is the best idea for custom graduation party favors.

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