Unique Custom Retirement Party Favors

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Retirement is an important event for many people as it marks the end of their working career. Although it is a bitter-sweet goodbye, a retirement surely opens a new door to more exciting things. Such significant occasion deserves the biggest celebration with not only just family but also friends. Why not surprise your retiree and his or her guests with these cute custom cookies of themselves? Not only do they make great retirement party favors, their uniqueness and delicious taste will make your party extra memorable!

Retirement Party Favors

Select an Appropriate Outfit for Retirement Party Favors

Sometimes finding an appropriate body/outfit could be difficult as there are so many options to choose from. Many customers like to keep their “retired cookie” simple with a formal outfit which is a good idea! However sometimes we would suggest them to go with either the retiree’s work uniform if there is any. Another option would be to go with their favorite hobby such as playing a guitar, biking or fishing. Ultimately it is their face that is the most important thing on the cookie, but an appropriate outfit is surely a plus!

Retirement Party Favors

If your retiree is a woman and likes to dress professionally such as this beautiful lady, a business suit would be perfect! We also have other pre-made outfit at no additional charge such as Cardigan, Monogram, or Sign and Necklace. With the Sign and Necklace body, we would either put her name initials or the number of years in service!

Retirement Party Favors

As we have mentioned above, including the retiree’s hobby into the cookie is a great idea as well. Not only does it make the cookie more personalized, it also shows how thoughtful you are to remember their hobby! In addition to the “Gone Fishing” body, we also have “Golfer”, “Bowler and Beer”, or “Wine Lover”, etc. as well as other cool bodies/outfits to choose from!

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