Graduation Party Favors 2017

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Graduation Season Starts Earlier Than You Think!! Do You Have Your Graduation Party Favors for 2017 Ordered?

Though the mind conjures up images of spring when thinking about graduation, graduation party favors are always in season!! Winter is a ripe time for college and graduate school graduations. If you have a bright young graduate who will walk the stage soon, now is the time to order your graduation party favors for 2017!!

If your graduate isn’t throwing their hat in the air until spring time, this post is also for you! The beginning of the year can get hectic and planning a graduation party adds to the workload! Why not get ahead of the upcoming year and pre-order super cute custom cookies for the big day?

Graduation Party Favors Ideas For Guys

We make finding the perfect graduation party favors for guys much simpler! Candles, magnets, or other generic favors may not showcase your guy in the best way possible. Not to mention he won’t particularly care for any of those things! It will be impossible for him to turn down a simple yet delicious graduation party favor that stands for the success he has achieved!

It can be tricky to find appealing graduation party favors that complement your special guy well. He might not want to stress over the flair of the event but chances are you sure do! Give away graduation party favors that resemble your guy’s unique personality! Does he have certain hobbies he enjoys or does he have his future career path finalized? Represent that on his cookies!


Graduation Party Favors for 2017
If your guy or girl is an athlete, show that off with your graduation party favors!


Graduation Party Favors for 2017
Simple yet special graduation party favors for 2017!!

Graduation Party Favors Ideas For Girls

Your graduate gal may already have great ideas in mind for her graduation party favors for 2017. But chances are she hasn’t found truly special favors that are both personalized and meaningful. Her graduation photos will be displayed all over at her party. So why not have custom cookies as her main graduation party favors to go along with her beautiful portrait?

The classic cap and gown body template emblazoned with the initials of her university are cute all on their own. But if she wants to add an extra touch to make her cookies that much more special, opt for her sorority letters, sports team logo, or even just her name instead!

Graduation Party Favors for 2017
Have your graduate gal proudly display her college or even her sorority letters!



Graduation Party Favors for 2017
Get personalized graduation party favors for 2017 with our cookies !!

We have a variety of crazy options for your graduate’s crazy cookies! Check out more graduation party favor designs here!

If you are ready to go simply place your order here!!