First Birthday Favors to Sweeten Your Child’s Epic Birthday Bash!

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Your child’s first birthday is a monumental day.  Not just for them, but for you as well! After all, this day marks the end of your first year as a parent! Here at Parker’s Crazy Cookies, we think that’s a huge cause for celebration! And we have the perfect first birthday favors to make the day truly memorable!

Our crazy cookies are personalized to look just like your son or daughter! These one-of-a-kind cookies are just as unique as your one-of-a-kind child! There’s no better way to celebrate their big day, so take a look at how we work our magic! With these first birthday favors on the menu, your child’s epic bash is sure to be unforgettable!

Check out some of our cutest first birthday designs of all time! We can’t get over these adorable cookies and their real life models!

First Birthday Favors that Look Like Your Birthday Superstar!

This is our first featured design! We absolutely loved making this adorable birthday princess into a crazy cookie! With a model this cute, there was no way we could go wrong! Are you ready to capture your child’s big grin in cookie form? They’re sure to make one cute cookie!

first birthday favors

There’s no limit to how creative we can get with our personalized cookies! Your cookie design can feature anything you can imagine! So stretch your creativity and picture your child in the cutest outfit ever! That’s exactly what they should wear on their birthday cookies, after all! Take a look at this awesome birthday pirate! These cookies will be the star of the show at your kid’s birthday bash!

first birthday favors

Of course, your birthday boy or girl deserves the spotlight on their big day! So make sure their first birthday favors are all about them by creating a design with their name on it!

first birthday favors

If you’re feeling inspired to create an awesome design, get started and let us help you create a personalized birthday cookie today!