Custom Office Party Cookies

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It’s been a long year filled with hard work and overtime. As the holidays approach, you want to plan an unforgettable office party where your employees can celebrate all of the commitment from each and every single person that makes the company great! You want the party to be truly special? Ditch the same old cupcakes and get creative with custom office party cookies that symbolize your company!

Our specialty bakery specializes in creating corporate cookies that perfectly complement office parties! We have worked with a wide range of businesses  from start-ups to major corporations. Since it is office party season, why not let us represent your company by making adorable & unique custom cookies for your office party!

Make your company logo into a fun cookie that everyone can enjoy!  You can even save what is left over and use those cookies as a  token of appreciation for your customers or to promote your business!



HP Custom office Party Cookies
More examples of logo cookies! This is one we made for HP!


Better yet, why not make some of your employees themselves into personalized office party cookies as a fun way to show appreciation for individual hard work? Our custom cookies last a long time (1-2 months guaranteed fresh). Use them again for an office birthday celebration or send them to your clients to say thank you! The cookies are a great way to make an incredible impression on your clients.


Custom Office Party Cookies for Client Gift Ideas
The Emergence team didn’t hold back with their custom office party cookies!


Custom Office Party Cookies for Office Party
Employee appreciation at its finest!

You can bet that our custom office party cookies added a unique flair to each company’s office party! No limit exists when it comes to creativity from the heart.  Send us your crazy ideas and you can be sure our cookies will turn out even crazier!

Still not convinced?  Find more examples of the custom office party cookies we have done here!