Bar Mitzvah Celebration Custom Cookies!!

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Celebrating a Bar Mitzvah For Kids??

A bar mitzvah celebration marks a major coming of age in the family. Your son will take his place in the family as an important contributing observer of the Jewish faith.  Though still a child,  your honoree now has many more adult responsibilities and this deserves acknowledgement! What better way to commemorate a bar mitzvah for kids than with custom cookies of your honoree?

Bar Mitzvah Celebration Cookies
Celebrate the perfect bar mitzvah celebration with his own personal cookies!!

Although many parents and sponsoring family members prefer to have the honoree clothed in the traditional bar mitzvah attire,  you can select an outfit that represents your child best! We have a variety of male and female pre-made body templates that you can choose from. Don’t see any that you think fit your child best? Upgrade to a custom body for just $10 more and we will design any outfit you deem perfect!

If your honoree is an athlete, participates in a hobby or extracurricular activity, or even just has a favorite outfit , customize their cookie to appeal to their individuality! A bar mitzvah celebration , especially a bar mitzvah for kids, calls for fun and unique favors that highlight the growth of your child!

Perfect for Bat Mitzvah Celebrations Too!!

Your special gal’s big day is equally as monumental as a bar mitzvah celebration! That is why we offer two options as far as custom cookies for a  bar mitzvah celebration for kids.

Though both of our pre-made body templates tailored for this event are our most popular, we give you the freedom to customize your crazy cookies to your child’s content! The same is true for custom cookies for her bat mitzvah celebration!

Bar Mitzvah Celebration Cookies!!
Make her bat mitzvah celebration extra special!!

Our cookies make the perfect favors for a bar mitzvah celebration!

So order some today to get the party started!!