Your Pet Can Be On Your Wedding Favors !!

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Including Your Pet in Your Favors Makes for a Pet Wedding!!

A pet wedding is one of those inclusive marriages where the your pet joins in the wedding party; whether as the Ring Bearer, the Maid of Honor, or another roll. And, it’s way more popular than you would think! Social media is all a’buzz over these cool additions to tradition and Parker’s Crazy Cookies will help facilitate yours! Our cookies make it easy to print your pet and its likeness on your wedding favors!

Did You See Something You Like?

Many times customers will come to us with a vision of a cookie based on one that we’ve already done. This is wonderful! Inspiration is what we aim for and we are always able to start where we’ve left off before. We have thousands of examples of wedding cookies including pets on our various outlets and incorporating your pet has never been easier!

Your Pet on A cookie!
Share custom cookies for your pet wedding!

Beth came looking for the perfect wedding favors for her daughter and to-be son-in-law when she stumbled across a cookie of 2 people and their dog. “Light bulb!” Beth was taken by this idea and had us run with it again but this time the couple was going to hold the dog. One rough draft was all she needed; she was in love with this pet wedding favor.

You can be too if you were looking to print your pet as a design for your wedding favors! What a super adorable and memorable way to include your pet in your wedding !

How to Order Your Pet On Your Wedding Favors!

In order to include your pet on a cookie, the cookie will be a bit larger than our most common people-cookies. On our custom order form, the selection will be for a “Logo/Pet/Object” cookie, not the “Both” option. “Both” refers to ordering a person-cookie and a pet-cookie as separate pieces. You should select the number of Unique designs by how many faces there are (including your pet’s) and then the sky is the limit!

Your Pet on A cookie!
Love enough for the whole family!

We like and recommend the favor bags options for weddings as they finalize the ambiance with that last bit of detail.  For the larger cookies like this, it is important to note that you can only fit up to 4 in our favor bags. Don’t forget some pet wedding cookies when you are planning your big date!

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When you’re ready, we would love to design your pet wedding cookies! You can find our Custom Order Form here!