Unique Wedding Favor Ideas – Custom Cookies

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Samantha contacted us through instant chat because she was interested in finding some unique wedding favors for her client. She came to the right place!! The only catch was Samantha really needed a quick turnaround. Normally we ask our customers to place the order 2 weeks before the order ships however 99.9% we can turn around the cookies much quicker. This was going to be an especially quick turnaround as she need us to bake & ship the cookies with in 3 days from placing the order!! So she placed the order on the 16th and we sent her the rough drafts that same day.

Custom Cookies
Custom Artwork rough drafts
Custom Cookies
Custom Artwork Rough Drafts

Samantha LOVED the drafts and got right back to us. However she wanted a small addition to the outfit. Since our outfits are pre-made templates she had to upgrade her body type to a “Custom Body” type which is an additional $10. Since she really wanted a pearl necklace, she upgrade her body type and we made the change

Custom cookies for wedding
Custom Artwork – Edit


Since she approved her artwork on the same day we were able to design the infrastructure for her order and ship her cookies out on the 19th! That is a turnaround of less then 3 days.

Samantha was ecstatic and so were we. The cookies turned out great and her client truly had the most unique wedding favors any of her guests had ever seen! So fun!