Unique Graduation Party Ideas

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One of the most important events to every scholar and educator is graduation–the beginning of a new chapter. Graduation signifies the achievement that every student has worked so hard to earn and the recognition that they deserve. On this special day, it is all about the graduates because they are the stars of the stadium. Each and every one of them deserves the best graduation gift for all their hard work, especially something that they can keep and share with everyone. At Parker’s Crazy Cookies, we believe the best graduation gift for our amazing graduates is these delicious and skillfully designed custom cookies that look just like them!

Graduation Gift Ideas
Seeing the excitement and happiness on our customer’s face is what we strive for everyday!

The Best Graduation Gift!!

That is what many of our graduates have emailed and expressed to us after they receive their cookies! Not only do these cookies look just like their graduate twin, they also spread the fun and excitement at each graduation party. Using only high quality ingredients, our custom cookies have a shelf life of two months for maximum fresh taste. That way our graduates can still keep on having that excitement as if they had just graduated yesterday!

Graduation Gift Ideas
What a handsome and smart cookie!!

We have many different options for graduation because we know how much our customers love to customize them. Asides from the traditional Cap and Gown body as seen above, we also give our customers the option to customize the body to their liking. For instance, Yolanda chose to go with the Nurse body and rock a graduation cap with RN – Registered Nurse. Way to show everyone she has just graduated from a nursing program!!

Graduation Gift
Congratulations on your achievement!!

If Cap and Gown is not really your thing, why not go for something that shows your hobby or interest? This handsome graduate wanted to show off that he is a smart boy scout by sharing these cute cookies of him at his graduation party. Needless to say everyone loved how adorable and yummy these cookies were! Yayyyy!

Graduation Gift
This boy scout surely wowed everyone at his party with this cute twin cookie!