Party Favors for Adults

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Who says that celebrating birthdays as an adult can’t be as much fun as when you were a kid??


Party Favors for Adults
Celebrate popping open a cold one with Dad !

Birthday parties are usually synonymous with endless cartoon character themes, playing children, and cake smeared everywhere!  Adult birthday parties are an entirely different matter. It can be difficult to plan the ideal birthday party for an adult such as entertainment and food that everyone would enjoy, let alone even begin to think about party favors! The age old myth that party favors are just for kids is just that: a myth!  Party favors for adults can be goofy too, but even more memorable!

Does your adult have a hobby, favorite sports team or even a favorite superhero? Incorporate those parts of his/her personality into their custom-made cookie! Let them be the hero they’ve always wanted to be or let them be themselves as a die-hard fan of the team they represent!

Party Favors for Adults
Adults can have a ton of super silly fun with their party favors too!

Or maybe you just want the cookie to exude celebration? One of the most popular designs for party favors for adults would have to be the celebratory booze! Place a champagne bottle in their hand signifying the start of the party! If the birthday honoree is not much of a champagne drinker, have them holding up a mug of beer instead! The possibilities are endless.

Party Favors for Adults
Let’s get the party started!!!

Putting together party bags for adult parties is becoming a widely popular idea nowadays! The layout for an adult party bag filled with favors can vary depending on what you think your guests will like.  A common recommendation is to include something edible in your bag. But you don’t have to include the same old chocolate favors that everyone else does! Opt instead for customized cookies that all of your guests are sure to love.

Party Favors for Adults!!

Whatever party favors for adults are out there, it’s hard to go wrong with favors that are both delicious and personalized!

So order some now!!