Offbeat Bride & Groom Cookies for a Truly Unique Wedding Day

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Are you an offbeat bride planning an offbeat wedding? If so, you’ve found the perfect wedding favor ideas here! When it comes to party favors, personalized gifts just can’t be beat. Your guests are sure to be astounded by these unique personalized cookies that look just like you and your sweetheart! Here at Parker’s Crazy Cookies, we can help you take your wedding favors to the next level with these creative favors!

Every cookie we design is one-of-a-kind, just like you! First, we create the custom cookie artwork based on your photos. Then we revised based on your feedback until we get it just right! We can even customize the cookie’s outfit to perfectly capture your offbeat bride style!

Here are a few of our favorite wedding cookie designs of all time! What would you like your cookie selves to wear on the big day? Let your imagination run wild, because the possibilities are endless!

One-of-a-Kind Offbeat Bride & Groom Cookies for Your Big Day

Our first featured couple infused tradition with their own creative flair! These adorable sweethearts went with the traditional suit and dress. But they didn’t stop there! They showed off their unique style by adding in their favorite hobbies! Is there anything more fun than a hula-hooping bride and a drummer groom? We don’t think so!

offbeat bride

An offbeat bride may want to ditch the wedding dress altogether, at least on her wedding cookie! Create a unique design that perfectly reflects your sporty side! These adorable cookies of you and your sweetheart are sure to impress all your guests. Serve them up at your reception or hand them out as wedding favors. Either way, they’ll be an unforgettable sight!

offbeat bride

If you’re an offbeat bride who also happens to be a pet mom, you won’t want to exclude your furry friend from the celebration! So be sure to include your beloved pet in your cookie design! These adorable treats will be a sneak peek at your first family portrait!

offbeat bride

Ready to bring these crazily fun cookies to the party at your big day? Get started now and see how you can turn yourself into a cookie today!