A Happy Birthday Dog Deserves Custom Cookies Full of Love!!

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Pet Birthdays Are A Special Occasion, Too!!

And, we know that you want to celebrate your non-human child as much as some people celebrate their “biologicals”. We can help you with those wild and fun pet birthday ideas!  Know the way to make your pet one super happy birthday dog (or cat)? Bake a fun “people-treat” of your pet to enjoy at a party… just because you love them!

Happy birthday dog!!
Two happy birthday dogs and one happy birthday cat!!

Some customers have come to us about celebrating the entire pack! For instance, Lydia’s order, came to us wanting their 2 dogs on one cookie and their cat on a separate cookie! And with respect to nature, cats in their own favor bag, dogs in another. Contrary to popular belief, dogs and cats can get along in the same household and share a birthday as well!

One Very Happy Birthday Dog or One Very Happy Birthday Cat Coming Up!

Pet Birthday Ideas!
Keep calm and party on!

Other customers have come to us wanting to dress up their K9 friend with their favorite outfits! Athena’s pup was one such specialty! We love to capture the personality of your photos and sometimes, it requires adding things that weren’t there. We put the celebrated happy birthday dog in its festive head wear and, at the request of the customer, added the year to its collar! Accenting the cookie with a date was the perfect touch for this doggo!

Why stop at the average house pet?

We do not discriminate against species! Llama!

Pet Birthday Ideas!
Llamas are part of the family as much as anyone! 🙂

Our pet cookies are growing in popularity! All you need to do is select our “Logo/Pet/Object” cookie types on our order form to begin grooming your cookies! Pets can go with people in our favor bags or they can run free by themselves. Get creative with your next family portrait and make it edible. Rock your next party with some of our fun and delicious pet birthday ideas!

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