Fun Birthday Ideas for Baby!!

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Looking for fun birthday ideas for your baby’s first birthday??

Mom and Dad, you are heroes! The family is a little bit bigger now; let’s celebrate!!! Bring your baby’s first birthday to life with cookie portraits that the whole party will love! Perfect for any birthday themes you may have dreamed up, these cookies will complement all of your fun birthday ideas for baby!

Fun birthday ideas
Testing for spacing

No upset tummies and definitely no frowns!

The first thing that may come to mind when considering fun birthday ideas for your baby might be nutritional information for all snacks and desserts! You don’t need a terribly unhealthy and too sweet dessert to make your birthday themes stand out!

Our cookies mimic the classic Animal Crackers so that they are flavorful and safe for any age! With the sole exception of wheat flour, we don’t use milk, eggs, high fructose corn syrup, nor nuts in our facility! We have done our best to keep allergies at an all-time minimum. Order confidently, knowing your baby’s first birthday is in great hands. For more information regarding our nutrition information, please visit this page.

How to design a portrait cookie!

Dnise decided to make a custom cookie of her adorable one-year-old. Her process began with a very cute photo and a rough draft; this is where our customers play a key role in designing their cookies. Dnise realized that her first idea wasn’t going to work as she had imagined in her head so she sent us a new photo to work from. We don’t charge our customers by the number of photos they send us because it may take a few to understand the person’s features. Sometimes, customers like the eyes in one image but the rest of their smile from another; totally okay!

Fun birthday ideas

Details that look like you in real life, though, sometimes don’t bake into cookies all that well. Teeth, pupils, clefts, and even nostrils can often make a cookie seem weird rather than fun and tasty. However, sometimes, those cute baby teeth are what you want to show off!

Fun birthday ideas

We work very closely with our customers to get it just right.

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