Custom Personalized Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors have become one of the most important elements in every wedding. Not only do they represent the gesture of appreciation to guests, but they also leave an unforgettable memory of the wedding. Personalized and custom wedding favors such as shot glasses or candles with monograms have become a trend. However, we believe nothing is better than personalized custom wedding favors that are edible AND look just like the bride and groom!

the process of personalized wedding favors

This young beautiful couple came to us in hope to create the most unique custom wedding favors. However, they did have a budget which our team worked with to ensure that they could still order the cookies. Having a budget is not a bad thing because we completely understand how expensive wedding expenses can be. Thus we suggested them to go with our special 2-in-1 cookies as they are more cost effective!

Custom Wedding Favors

As soon as we received and processed the order, we started on the artwork right away. Most of our orders are time sensitive, thus we believe time management is the key. We always provide the artwork within 24 – 48 hours after we receive the order. However most of the time, we take only less than a day! Upon receiving the artwork, both the bride and groom emailed us back and let us know how much they loved the artwork. However the bride would love to have her cookie wearing her actual wedding dress. That is not a problem at all with us! As we have said before, we love to customize and personalize the cookies to match our customer’s style!

Custom Wedding Favors

After making adjustment to the wedding dress, we sent this artwork to the couple and they approved it without hesitation. Woohooo! Once we received the approval, our Design Department started to create the infrastructure for the cookies and wait until the shipping date to bake. Our team absolutely loved how cute the cookies turned out when they came fresh out of the oven, and so did our customers! Yayyyyy!

The best Wedding Favors!

Our ordering process is super simple and easy. Just click on “Create Your Own Cookie Now” below and fill out the Custom Order Form! If you have any additional questions, please email us at and we are more than happy to answer all your questions!