Birthday Party Favors

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Make your Birthday party a blast!

Planning a birthday party can be stressful at times. Every little detail such as decoration, party theme, birthday cake and favors is very important to the birthday boy/girl. As a result, we want to make it as easy and simple as possible for our customers when it comes to birthday party favors!

Custom Cookies – The best birthday party favors!

Every single order we accommodate is promised to have the highest quality and carefully detailed design. Ultimately these custom cookies are very personal and sentimental to the birthday boy/girl. Thus our team always strive to deliver the best product to each and every customer. In addition to many birthday favors we have done for grown-ups, we also love to create cookies for children as well!

Birthday Party Favors
Le Petit Prince’s 1st Birthday Party Favor

First birthday is always extra special, and it is even more special when our crazy cookies are part of it!

Birthday Party Favors
Why not customize your body to share your hobby with your birthday guests?

Instead of choosing one of our pre-made body templates, customers can also customize the body/outfit as well!

Birthday Party Favors
The Sweetest Quinceañera’s Favors!

We also offer a new pre-made body template for Quinceañera as well! Why not wow your friends and family with these adorable cookies that look just like you?

Birthday Party Favors
DJ Chachi’s Twin Cookie for His Birthday Party!