Unique Birthday Party Ideas – Birthday Favors

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Birthday is one of the most celebrated occasion all around the world as it holds a special meaning to each individual. First birthday, turning from tween to teen, sweet 16, 18th birthday or 21st birthday are all amazing. However we believe a 90th birthday definitely calls for a BIG celebration with our amazing birthday favors!

The Most Unique Birthday Favors!

Charlene’s Grandpa was turning 90 last year and she wanted to surprise him with twin cookies of himself! After looking at many different interesting pre-made body templates we offer, Charlene decided to go with “Gone Fishing”. Great choice! Undoubtedly, “Gone Fishing” is actually one of our most popular body for birthdays and retirement. Not only it is appropriate for both events, it also shows the guest of honor’s hobby/interest.

Birthday Favors

As we have mentioned before, every order is extremely time sensitive because we generally have the cookies delivered 2 – 3 days before the event. If the delivery is late, it becomes pointless as the event has already passed. Thus we ALWAYS start on the artwork as soon as we receive and process the order. Upon receiving our artwork, Charlene emailed us back and requested to make the glasses frame thicker. She also asked to add more wrinkles as he was turning 90. That was absolutely not a problem at all! We strive to deliver the best product to our customers so we always offer up to 3 revisions with no additional charge!

Birthday Favors

Our Design Department finished and sent this rough draft to Charlene in the same day. As you can see, the glasses are a bit thicker than the previous rough draft and we also included more wrinkles. Don’t they look so much alike? After receiving the new revision, Charlene excitedly emailed us back, “LOVE IT !!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. cookie approved Emoji“.

Wooohoo! The whole process was that easy and simple! Our excellent and knowledgeable team of Custom Service is always there to answer and resolve all your questions. Don’t hesitate and place an order with us today! We promise our custom birthday favors will make your birthday party much more awesome!